Baby Bear Cartoon Cloudy Blanket


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Baby Bear Cartoon Cloudy Blanket
Baby Bear Cartoon Cloudy Blanket  
Fabric: 100% Polyester 
Includes: Blanket x1 
Color: Blue 
Right Insulation 
Blankets were invented to replicate the warmth and soft texture of animal fur while adding durability and beautiful patterns to the design.   
Soft Texture 
Made of extra thick fibers that have a soft and silky texture.   
Secure Edge 
Designed with neat edge stitching which makes our blankets even more durable and able to withstand multiple washes.   
Multi-function, Easy to Carry Around 
Extra warmth on bed, sofa or car. Also makes for the perfect light comforter during the summer months.   
Size & Dimension 
43" x 55" (110 cm x 140 cm) 
Baby Bear Cartoon Cloudy Blanket