PiloMio Deep Sleep Tea Stem Pillow


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PiloMio Deep Sleep Tea Stem Pillow
Fabric: Cotton
Filling: 25 g Oolong Tea Stem + 50 g Vitex negundo seeds, microfiber
Size: 19" x 29" +4"(48 cm x 74 cm +11 cm)
Firmness: Medium ​
Thickness: Low
Ideal for back and side sleepers
Unique Design for your all night "Deep Sleep"​ ​
Slightly Indented design to naturally cradles the head for optimal support..
Elegant Purple Piping: Durable and elegant piping to improve pillow's shape and durability. ​ 
Head Rest Area​​: Naturally directs head position with our unique indented pillow surface. Flat surface allows easy transition from back sleep to side sleep. ​ 
Neck Rest Area: Where removable herbal bag is placed. Additional elevation from the herbal bag forms a natural head, neck and spine alignment, for a pressure-less sleep experience.
Product Details
Topped with 100% combed cotton that is down-proof to prevent leaking
Lofty Fiber Filling: Right amount of filling makes pillow lofty and remain comfortable even after washing.
Tea Stem: Natural tea stem added on to the pillow with a refreshing scent. Tea stem contains polyphenol that calms nerves and help improve sleep quality. Our tea stem goes through a thorough sanitizing process, including rinsing, drying, sterilizing, fumigating to ensure quality. ​
Vitex Negundo Seeds: Also known as chaste tree berries. It is a common herbal remedy for pain relieving and is used in some country as natural insect repellent . According to Tang Materia Medica, the oldest reference of medicinal remedies, Vitex Negundo Seed treats coughing, and help dissolves mucus. It is also a natural pain reliever and help reduces stress and anxiety.
PiloMio Deep Sleep Tea Stem Pillow