PiloMio For Her Buckwheat & Lavender Pillow


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PiloMio For Her Buckwheat & Lavender Pillow
PiloMio For Her Buckwheat & Lavender Pillow 
Fabric: 100% Polyester 
Fill:  Polyester 
Herbal bag: Buckwheat hulls and Lavender 
Size: 19" x 29" +5"(48 cm x 74 cm+ 13 cm) 
Firmness: Medium-Firm 
Sleep Position: Back, Side  
About Buckwheat Hulls 
As one of the world’s healthiest food, buckwheat has numerous health benefits. As pillow filling, buckwheat can naturally conform to your head contour and provides head massage to help stimulate micro-circulation. Going through A special sanitizing and drying process, buckwheat pillow is suitable to use for all season. According to Compendium of Materia Medica, buckwheat provides extraordinary soothing benefit for users. We highly recommended buckwheat pillow to children, students and brainworkers who especially needs high-quality nightly rest. 
About Lavender 
Lavender's soothing aroma helps to facilitate restful sleep. It tends to calm our nerves down and prepares us for a deeper sleep. 
PiloMio For Her Buckwheat & Lavender Pillow