PiloMio Cervical Support Ultra-Soft Microfiber Pillow


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PiloMio Cervical Support Ultra Soft Microfiber Pillow

 PiloMio Cervical Support Ultra-Soft Microfiber Pillow 



Fabric: 100% Cotton 


Filling: 100% Microfiber 


Size: 19"x 29" + 4.3"- 5" (48 cm x 74 cm+ 11 to 13 cm)  


Firmness: Medium  


Thickness: Medium 


Ideal for back, side and stomach sleepers. 



Unique Design for Optimum Support  


3-Section Design: with 2 vertical stitches to separate pillow into 3 sections. Middle section is slightly indented and comes with curved side to direct head and neck to the most pressure-less position. Extra thick stitch thread to maintain pillow's unique 3-section design. 


Direct Comfort Alignment: Curved side naturally directs neck position for comfy support. 


Durable Edges: 1.5"Gusseted edge with gray knitted cotton on 4 sides to enhance pillow support and durability. 



Product Details 


Natural Down-Proof Cotton Fabric: Topped with 100% combed cotton that is down-proof to prevent leaking. 


Quality Microfiber Filling: Microfiber has multiple small hollows to help dissipate heat and excessive moisture. Soft and supportive fiber allows pillow to create comfortable support. 

PiloMio Cervical Support Ultra Soft Microfiber Pillow