PiloMio Natural Healthy Silk Pillow


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PiloMio Natural Healthy Silk Pillow
PiloMio Natural Healthy Silk Pillow 


Fabric: 100% Silk 
Fill: 50% Silk, 50% Microfiber 
Size:  29"L × 19"W (74cm × 48cm)  
Pillow Benefits 
Natural silk pillow made of 100% silk fabric. 
Naturally moisture wicking and breathable. 
Silk contains protein and 18 other amino acids similar to the composition of human skin. 
Rejuvenate your skin and hair during sleep. 
Silk’s Benefit, You Must Know 
In ancient China, people love silk because of its soft texture. In modern time, in addition to its silky touch, people pay more attention to the unique function of silk, as bedding, silk is the best subsidy of high-quality sleep. 
Your Body’s Second Skin Layer 
Silk is a pure natural animal protein fiber, because of the excellent skin-friendly texture, it is a common material for lingerie.  Silk contains silk sericin, whose composition is similar to human skin’s protein composition. Even the most sensitive skin will not be irritated by silk. 
Natural Sleeping Pills 
Silk sericin can emit a subtle "sleep factor" which can help you relax and thus introduce you to better sleep. 
Pure Natural Protective Layer: 
Silk fiber looks firm and solid, in fact, it has several internal ventilated holes, that can quickly wick moisture away and thus help regulate body temperature.  Also, by keeping your sleep environment dry, silk helps to prevent the breeding of mites, bacteria, and mold which easily lead to human allergies and discomfort. Silk is different from the general chemical fiber. While wicking excessive moisture away, silk is able to maintain its own moisture content, preventing static electricity, and keeps dust away. 


PiloMio Natural Healthy Silk Pillow