Solid White Combination All Season & Summer Silk Duvet Inserts


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Fabric: 100% Cotton  

Fill: 100% Tussah Silk 

Filling weight: 330 GSM  +120 GSM

Warmth Level: 6


A real one for all four seasons combination silk duvet insert

Use one light silk duvet insert in the summer.


Use One All season silk duvet inserts in spring & autumn. 


Upgrade the warmth level and use both in the cold winter 

Combination Silk Duvet Insert = “All Season Silk Duvet Insert" + "Light Silk Duvet Insert" 

Two inserts can be tightly combined with ties on each side.


Premium Quality Only Came from The Best Raw Material 

Qbedding’s Silk Collection only uses silk from Tongxiang, China, a city with nice weather and a clean environment to produce the best quality silk. 


 Silk's Unique Benefits, You Must Know!    

Your Body’s Second Layer of Skin: Silk fiber contains about 30% of Sericin, a kind of protein with similar chemical composition to the protein in our skin. Sericin is widely applied to cosmetic products due to its anti-aging benefits. It helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce skin wrinkles. Silk fiber as duvet filling helps to rejuvenate our skin by keeping a balanced amount of moisture in our skin, so we can wake up feeling young and refreshed.   

Hypoallergenic: Silk, being a natural protein, provides an incredibly inhospitable environment for dust mites, mold, fungus, and other allergens. Silk bedding is proven to be HYPOALLERGENIC. If you have skin problems, it might be worth reconsidering the material you snuggle against 8 hours a day.   

Self-Cleans: By keeping moisture level balanced, silk helps to prevent the breeding of mites, bacteria, and mold which easily lead to human allergies and discomfort. Moisture also helps to prevent static electricity and keeps dust away. With the right care, a silk duvet insert can last up to 10-15 years while still performing its functions.   

Best Value: It’s surprising to know that it may only cost you about $0.1 a day to sleep with a high-quality silk comforter for 15 years. 

        Unique Designs  

Comforters can be tightly combined with comforter ties on each side. 

Beautiful stitch to make sure filling stays in place. 



 Sizes & Dimension  

Twin: 66"W x 86"L (168cm x 218cm) 6.1 lbs + 4.3 lbs.

Full:  80"W x 90"L (200 cm x 230 cm) 7.5 lbs + 5.3 lbs. 

Queen:  88"W x 96"L (224cm x 244cm) 8.8 lbs + 6.3 lbs.

King: 106"W x 96"L (269cm x 244cm) 10.5 lbs + 7.5 lbs.


    To help your duvet last long, be sure to follow the steps below:
    Daily Protection
    Please do not wash the duvet inserts, we still highly recommend using a duvet cover and routinely wash the duvet cover instead of washing the entire duvet.
    Fold your comforter neatly and place it in a waterproof bag. Make sure it is airtight.
    Only place your comforter in a dry and cool location.