Solid White Australian Wool All Season Duvet Insert


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Solid White Australian Wool All Season Comforter

Fabric: 100% Cotton  

Fill: 70% Australian Wool, 30% Polyester 

Filling weight: 380 GSM 

Warmth Level: 5 


100% Natural Australian Wool  

Certified by WOOLMARK that the filling only contains pure and real Australian Wool. 

Constant Temperature: No matter in winter or hot summer, wool is the sheep's only source of protection. It protects the sheep from any kind of weather by providing the right amount of insulation. Wool is able to keep a constant temperature at 32.7 Celsius (90.86 Fahrenheit) This is the most comfortable body temperature for sleep. 


 Moisture Control: During sleep, we lose about 300-500 ml of water through sweat and respiration and we may wake up several times in the middle of the night feeling thirsty or itchy (when skin gets too dry) Wool with excellent moisture control helps maintain a balanced amount of water in sheep's skin. By using a wool comforter, it keeps the environment dry but not overly dehydrated.  


Natural Flame Retardant: Wool is naturally non-flammable due to its high protein composition.  


  Warm and Cozy: Wool is naturally elastic and durable. Extra weights with wool's elastic strength allow the comforter to tightly covers you at night wool has on average 15-17% moisture regain rate while cotton fiber has only 8.5%. It can absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. 



Specially Recommend To    

 Children & Teenagers: Children and teenagers have better micro-circulation compared to adults.  


They usually have higher body temperature too and are more likely to sweat during sleep.  


Wool comforter with its excellent moisture control can quickly dissipate excessive moisture to create a dry and comfortable sleep environment. 


Couples: Couples who have different body temperature can share this comforter which maintains a constant temperature at 32.7 C 


Elderly: Rainy days or wet weather can be painful to the elderly who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. 


The wool comforter can reduce wetness to provide a warm and cozy sleep environment for the elderly. 



Size & Dimension   

Twin: 66"W x 86"L (168cm x 218cm)

Full: 80"W x 90"L (200cm x 230cm) 

Queen: 88"W x 96"L (224cm x 244cm) 

King: 106"W x 96"L (269cm x 244cm) 



To help your duvet last long, be sure to follow the steps below:
Daily Protection
please do not wash the duvet inserts, we still highly recommend using a duvet cover and routinely wash the duvet cover instead of washing the entire duvet.
Fold your comforter neatly and place it in a waterproof bag. Make sure it is airtight.
Only place your comforter in a dry and cool location.

Solid White Australian Wool All Season Comforter