PiloMio Baby Cassia Seeds Pillow


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PiloMio Baby Cassia Seeds Pillow
Baby Cassia Seeds Pillow  


Fabric: Cotton 
Filling: Microfiber, Cassia Seeds 
Size: 12" x 18" + 2.7" (30 cm x 46 cm+ 7 cm) 
Firmness: Medium  
Thickness: Low 
Natural Cassia Seeds 
Cassia seeds, also known as "Jue Ming Zi" is a Chinese medicine commonly used in Chinese herbal tea recipe to alleviate liver yang and sore eyes. According to a famous Materia medica written by Song dynasty herbalist Rihua, using a cassia seeds pillow can help to relieve headache and can effectively soothe discomfort caused by high eye pressure. 
Unique Design   
Triple construction to allow equal distribution of microfiber filling. 
Removable cassia seeds insert bag allows customization on pillow firmness. 
Comes with one 100% cotton pillow sham with cute printed patterns. 
Adjustable Firmness 
Adding cassia seeds insert bag increases pillow's firmness and readability. Recommend using in the summer. 
 Using only the microfiber pillow for soft and warm sleep experience. Recommend using in the winter. 
Product Details 
100% cotton fabric, extra breathable for better heat dissipation. 
Removable cassia seeds bag.  
Filled with elastic microfiber. 
Free cotton pillow sham with purchase in envelope closure (assorted color) 
    PiloMio Baby Cassia Seeds Pillow