Our Story

Using new technology, Qbedding's team has developed a full line of bedding, pillows, and accessories to meet all your bedding needs.

Our range of luxury comforters includes Milk Protein Silk Comforters, Jacquard Weave Mulberry Silk Comforters, Soybean Fiber Comforters, and even high quality Australia Wool Comforters, each developed and manufactured to the highest standards and perfect for skin sensitive customers.

We have developed exclusive pillows filled by 100% natural material offerings including Buckwheat Hull pillows, Cassia Seed pillows, Lavender pillows, and even Magnetic pillows and Bamboo Charcoal pillows. All are proven to improve sleep quality and health as many of our customers can attest.

Our rich and multi-layer pattern Duvet Cover Sets are an easy way to light up and lift up your bedroom.Decorating your windows with our select bead and string panel curtains can help you enjoy harmony while being cozy in bed.

In all that we do, we at Qbedding continue our efforts to ensure both environment protection and our customers’ health.