Long-Staple Cotton Material Guide

It's all about the fabrics 


Benefits of Long-Staple Cotton

Made of the World's Best Cotton

Long-Staple cotton is responsible for well know cotton types such as Egyptian cotton, Pima, Supima and Giza 45. Only 3% of its output attains top-tier quality. Qbedding's premium cotton bedding, crafted from the finest long-staple cotton globally recognized for its premium quality and comfort, exemplifies this excellence.


The longer fiber length of long-staple cotton has superior softness, durability and quality when compared to regular cotton. This extended fiber length also results in a smoother surface with fewer exposed fiber ends. Our premium cotton bedding is less likely to pill or break and can become softer over time.


300 Thread Count Smooth and Silky Fabric

Qbedding premium cotton series uses 300 thread count fabric for the right softness that is durable enough to withstand many washes.


Sateen Weaved

Our premium cotton bedding employs a luxurious sateen weave. This intricate weaving technique yields a denser, more substantial fabric compared to plain and twill weaves. The extended cotton fibers in long-staple cotton result in a surface with fewer disruptions from the warp and weft yarn, culminating in bedding that boasts a silky-smooth, enduring, and aesthetically pleasing finish.