Soybean Fiber Material Guide

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Benefits of Soybean Fiber

 Soybean fiber is the only renewable botanic fiber made of natural soybean cake. It has the natural softness of cashmere and the hypoallergenic property of silk. It consists of 16 amino acids that are healthy for human skin. Due to its high protein composition, it is very skin-friendly and will not irritate the skin easily. Soybean fiber is a new green fiber that can be reproduced repeatedly with natural soybeans and eco-friendly production processes.  
What Makes Soybean Fiber a Great Duvet Filling? 
Soft Texture: Soybean fiber has great elasticity, allowing the comforter to always remain lofty.
Warm: Lofty texture allows soybean fiber to stay insulated and warm.  
Moisture Wicking: Soybean fiber consists of numerous small holes to wick away excessive moisture.