Wool Material Guide

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Benefits of Australian Wool 

Certified by WOOLMARK that the filling only contains pure and real Australian Wool. 

Constant Temperature: N wool is the sheep's only source of protection. Wool is able to keep a constant temperature at 32.7 Celsius (90.86 Fahrenheit) no matter in winter or hot summer. This is the most comfortable body temperature for sleep. 

Moisture Control: Wool with excellent moisture control helps maintain a balanced amount of water in sheep's skin. 

Natural Flame Retardant: Wool is naturally non-flammable due to its high protein composition.  

Warm and Cozy: Wool is naturally elastic and durable. It can absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. 

Specially Recommend To    

Children & Teenagers: Children and teenagers have better micro-circulation compared to adults.  


Couples: Couples who have different body temperature can share this comforter which maintains a constant temperature at 32.7 C. 

Elderly: Rainy days or wet weather can be painful to the elderly who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. The wool comforter can reduce wetness to provide a warm and cozy sleep environment for the elderly.