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Product Details

Fabric: 100% Cotton
Fill: 100% Cotton
Filling weight:  640-680 GSM
Warmth Level: 6
The highest warmth level, best to use in a cold climate where heat is not provided or not enough. Also, recommend to users who often feel cold in winter during sleep.

About Our Cotton
Filled with Best Quality Xingjiang Cotton
Cotton plants require full sunlight to grow. Longer daytime and bright sunlight enable Xinjiang cotton to become one of the best quality cotton with longer fiber and softer texture.

Fresh Scent Because IINewly Picked
Newly picked cotton has a naturally sweet scent. The scent will slowly diminish eventually, but it is a great way to tell that your comforter is made of fresh new cotton.

100% Cotton from the Inside Out
Best Natural Insulator: Cotton fiber has twice the warmth of synthetic fibers. Consisting of loosely intertwined fiber, cotton is able to trap a lot of air inside.  Heat energy is less likely to transfer while surrounded by air therefore we say cotton is good thermal insulator.
Natural & Skin-friendly: As a natural fiber, cotton fiber is long and durable. Unlike synthetic fibers, cotton fiber is less likely to break and irritate the skin.
Controls Moisture: The moisture content of cotton fiber is about 8-10%. While cotton is known for its moisture-wicking characteristic, it also keeps enough moisture to maintain its soft and silky texture.
No Static Electricity: Cotton is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.

Product Details
Combination Ties: Can be combined with any other inserts or comforter from Qbedding by tying the two with these strips.
Corner Ties: Makes sure the comforter stayin place when tied up with the matching corner of the duvet cover.
Cotton Fabric: Soft and skin-friendly cotton fabric.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the material, please check Compare Our Fabrics for your reference. Please refer to our Care Instructions to learn how to clean the items.

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