Korean Style Round Buckwheat Pillow


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Korean Style Round Buckwheat Pillow

 Round shaped  
Designed to cradle & align your head & neck  
Also offers great waist and leg support allowing you to fully relax after a weary day 
Supportive comfort provided by 100% natural buckwheat fill  
 About Buckwheat  
  As one of the world’s healthiest food, buckwheat has numerous health benefits. 
As pillow filling, buckwheat can naturally conform to your head contour and provides head massage to help stimulates micro-circulation. 
Going through special sanitizing and drying process, buckwheat pillow is suitable to use for all season. 
According to Compendium of Materia Medica, buckwheat provides extraordinary soothing benefit for users. 
We highly recommended buckwheat pillow to children, students and brainworkers who especially need high-quality nightly rest.  
 Product Details   
Made of 100% Sand Wash Cotton Fabric 
Extra breathable and soft.  
Removable outer pillow sham.   
Outer cotton pillow sham in zipper closure and is removable for wash. 
Buckwheat Hull is Stored in Inner Protective Bag  
Zipper closure for customized pillow size adjustment.  
Buckwheat Hulls are 100% Natural and Hypoallergenic 
Helps stimulate micro-circulation.  
 Allows more air circulation to reduce heat.   
Zipper closure for customization pillow size adjustment. 



6" x 20" (15 cm x 50 cm)




Buckwheat Hulls Care instruction

Please do not remove the buckwhweat hulls from inner protective case when tumble drying to avoid damaging your dryer.

Pillow Sham Care Instructions

Please empty all the buckwheat hulls before washing.




Korean Style Round Buckwheat Pillow