Oriental Bamboo Mahjong Summer Mattress Topper


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Oriental Bamboo Mahjong Summer Mattress Topper
Oriental Bamboo Mahjong Summer Mattress Topper 


Carbonized bamboo pieces. 
Summer heat resistant. 
Anti-bacteria and carbon dioxide absorbable.   
Smooth on surface and humid durable eco-friendly. 
Recommended to use along with firm mattress.   
“One could live without a meal of meat but might not without bamboo.” famous writer Su Shi from Song dynasty once wrote in his book. Although the inner meaning of the poem focus on morality and criticizing vulgarity, bamboo is commonly used by ancient Chinese. It was highly associated with integrity in ancient times and only those with great taste were able to find its inner beauty. Bamboo mats with its natural cooling ability and breathable characteristic could help us survive the hot summer.  
Made only with bamboo that are at least five years old, it is part of our commitment to use only the stronger first layer of the middle section to produce our mats. Bamboo mat production will go through at least twenty processes such as gathering material, cutting, shaping, slicing, drilling, polishing, steaming, carbonization, weaving, hemming and ends lastly with quality checking. The steaming and carbonization process will create the beautiful bronze color on top of our bamboo pieces. With its natural ability to absorb excessive carbon dioxide and filter clean air, the concave and convex bamboo pieces are also great messaging materials that helps improve user’s sleep quality.   
All-Natural Material, Go Green” 
Using bamboo products are not only great for health but is also a way to protect the environment. Instead of using an air conditioner that may cool down the temperature within a short time but may be harmful to human body and our environment in the long run, the natural cooling ability of the bamboo mat is a better choice. 
“High Temperature Carbonization” 
Going through the process of carbonization with high pressure and high temperature ranging from 392 to 572 Fahrenheit, the surface of our bamboo mat will form a hard and firm micro particle layer. To make the material more durable, the bamboo pieces will be soaked into an all-natural herbal formula for three days. This process not only makes the pieces anti-mites but also creates an environment that is hard for bacteria to grow. Carbonized bamboo will increase human microcirculation and absorbs the excessive moisture from the surrounding to help improve human immune system.     
The bamboo pieces are hand beaded together by talented artisans in China with transparent and firm nylon stripes.  With the highest quality fiber hemming that are specially designed to have rounded and smooth corner to protect human skin, the bamboo mat resembles traditional Asian home decor with its elegant and natural beauty.   
With the latest carbonization process together with complicated polishing and grinding process, the bamboo pieces are as cool and smooth as jade. They are not only comfortable but also possess the tasteful composed dark brown color as the Ebony tree. 
Twin: 75"L x 38"W (190 cm x 95 cm) 
Full: 75"L x 53"W (190 cm x 135cm) 
Queen: 77" L x 59"W (195 cmx150 cm) 
King: 77"L x 77"W (195 cmx195 cm) 
    Oriental Bamboo Mahjong Summer Mattress Topper