PiloMio Baby Adjustable Buckwheat Pillow


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PiloMio Baby Adjustable Buckwheat Pillow
PiloMio Baby Adjustable Buckwheat Pillow 


Fabric: 100% Cotton 
Filling: 100% Natural Buckwheat Hulls 
Size: 18" W x 12"L + 2"H (46 cm x 30 cm + 5 cm) 
Firmness: Firm 
Sleep Positions: Back, Side 
One free cotton pillow sham included (assorted color)  
Purchase additional for $5.95 each below  
Recommended for 1 year old to 5 years old    
Helps stimulate micro-circulation and naturally conforms to baby's head to provide proper support. 
Allows air circulation to reduce heat.  
About Buckwheat  
As one of the world’s healthiest food, buckwheat has numerous health benefits. 
As pillow filling, buckwheat can naturally conform to your head contour and provides head massage to help stimulates micro-circulation. 
Going through special sanitizing and drying process, buckwheat pillow is suitable to use for all season. 
According to Compendium of Materia Medica, buckwheat provides extraordinary soothing benefit for users. 
Made of 100% Cotton Fabric 
Quilted cover, breathable and soft. 
Removable in zipper closure. 
Machine washable with easy care. 
Filled With 100% Buckwheat Hulls 
100% Natural and hypoallergenic. 
Conforms to baby's head to provide neck support during sleep. 
Feather proof inner bag to store buckwheat hulls. 
Removable buckwheat hulls to adjust pillow height. 
PiloMio Baby Adjustable Buckwheat Pillow