Solid White Luxe Mulberry Silk All Season Duvet Insert


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Solid White Luxe Mulberry Silk Duvet Insert

Fabric: 57% lyocell fiber, 43% cotton  

Fill: 100% Mulberry Silk

Filling weight: 330 GSM  

Warmth Level: 4 


Medium weight level 4 duvet. Ideal for room temperature 50 ℉ - 68℉. A comfy choice for early spring and late fall.   



Best Quality Silk Came from China  

China has a long history of exporting silk produce and is still the world’s largest silk producer. Qbedding’s Silk Collection only uses silk from Tongxiang, China, a city with nice weather and a clean environment to produce the best quality silk. 


Premium Fabric 

Topped with smooth & breathable natural cotton and lyocell fiber. 


Refined Long Strand Mulberry Silk  

Mulberry silk is one of the most durable protein fibers that be used in textiles. Unlike tussah silk that is harvested from the wild, mulberry silk is produced with standards to ensure consistency in quality.  


Reduces Allergies  

Sericin in silk helps to reduce most allergy triggers such as dust mites and bacteria.  



Keeps You Dry but Hydrated  

Silk reduces 50% more humidity compared to cotton while leaving just enough to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. 


Prevents Overheating  

Silk is just like your second layer of skin. Whenever you feel hot or cold, mulberry silk can easily balance out the temperature between you and your sleep environment.    




By keeping moisture level balanced, silk helps to prevent the breeding of mites, bacteria, and mold which easily lead to human allergies and discomfort. Moisture also helps to prevent static electricity and keeps dust away. With the right care, a silk duvet insert can last up to 10-15 years while still performing its functions.  




 Sizes & Dimension  

Twin: 66"W x 86"L (168cm x 218cm5.6 lbs 

Full: 80"W x 90"L (200 cm x 230 cm) 7.1 lbs  

Queen: 88"W x 96"L (224cm x 244cm) 8.3 lbs  

King: 106"W x 96"L (269cm x 244cm) 10.3 lbs



    To help your duvet last long, be sure to follow the steps below:
    Daily Protection
    Please do not wash the duvet inserts, we still highly recommend using a duvet cover and routinely wash the duvet cover instead of washing the entire duvet.
    Fold your comforter neatly and place it in a waterproof bag. Make sure it is airtight.
    Only place your comforter in a dry and cool location.



    Solid White Luxe Mulberry Silk Duvet Insert