Solid White Soybean Fiber Winter Duvet Insert


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Solid White Soybean Fiber Winter Comforter
Solid White Soybean Fiber Winter Duvet Insert 
Fabric: 100% Cotton 
Fill: 20% Soybean Fiber 80% polyester 
Filling weight: 450 GSM 
Warmth Level: 6 
The highest warmth level, best to use in a cold climate where heat is not provided or not enough. Also, recommend to users who often feel cold in winter during sleep. 
About Soybean Fiber 
 Soybean fiber is the only renewable botanic fiber made of natural soybean cake. It has the natural softness of cashmere and the hypoallergenic property of silk. It consists of 16 amino acids that are healthy to human skin. Due to its high protein composition, it is very skin-friendly and will not irritate the skin easily. Soybean fiber is a new green fiber that can be reproduced repeatedly with natural soybeans and eco-friendly production processes.  
What Makes Soybean Fiber a Great Duvet Filling? 
As protein fiber, soybean fiber is naturally hypoallergenic with great breathability to wick away excess moisture quickly. Its texture allows it to perform great insulation just like natural wool, adding microfiber to the filling not only makes the duvet lofty in texture but it also improves the duvet’s capability to prevent cold air from entering.   
Soft Texture: Soybean fiber has great elasticity, allowing the comforter to always remain lofty. 
Warm: Lofty texture allows soybean fiber to stay insulated and warm.  
Moisture Wicking: Soybean fiber consists of numerous small holes to wick away excessive moisture.  
Best Filling Ratio 
20% v. 80% is just the right filling ratio for soybean fiber duvet While soybean fiber provides warmth and breathability, polyester gives the comforter extra softness for the best comfort.   
Useful Designs  
Extended Sides: allow fillings to breathe in the fresh air every time you make your bed.  
Corner Loops: that can be tied up with duvet cover to make sure the comforter stays in place. 
Sewn-Through Construction: to provide consistent warmth even after washing. 
Size &Dimensions 
Twin: 66"W x 86"L (168cm x 218cm) 6.9 lbs 
Full: 80"W x 90"L (203cm x 229cm) 8.7 lbs 
Queen: 88"W x 96"L (224cm x 244cm) 9.6lbs 
King: 106"W x 96"L (269cm x 244cm) 11.6 lbs 
Solid White Soybean Fiber Winter Comforter