Patchwork cotton quilts are some of the most beautiful pieces of art that can be created. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they can also be quite cozy and warm. If you're looking for an excuse to indulge in a beautiful patterned quilt here are 5 of the best reasons to invest in one today.


1: Create A Cozy Bedroom Aesthetic

Cottage-core is a huge trend when it comes to interior design and cotton patch quilting can help you achieve this look. Plus, layering bedding helps to trap air between each layer, keeping you nice and snug during the night. But unlike oversized fluffy blankets, cotton quilts are far lighter and won't make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you toss and turn while you sleep.


2: Temperature Regulating Bedding

Cotton quilts are also a great addition to your bed and will help you transition from one season to the next. Rather than invest in a whole new bedding set when the colder months begin, investing in cotton patch quilting can help make your bed feel warm at night, without having to resort to turning up the heating or putting on a pair of socks. And when spring finally arrives, just remove your thick duvet and keep your cotton quilt as a top layer to your bed for a comfortable night's sleep. This is ideal for those who overheat and tend to wake up sweating when the temperature begins to rise, as cotton is a natural fabric that is breathable and will keep you cool and dry.


3: Highly Durable Cotton Quilting

There's a reason why cotton patch quilting has stood the test of time! Dating back to the 17th century, quilts were used as bedding layers since they were highly durable and fairly low maintenance. The elaborate tapestry was once used to tell stories and passed down to children as beautiful family heirlooms. These days, cotton patch quilting has been brought into the 21st century with modern designs. At Qbedding our collection of 100% cotton quilts features elegant floral patterns and vibrant color schemes to transform the look and feel of your bedroom.


4: Boho Bedroom Design

Another reason to choose a cotton quilt over a comforter or fluffy blanket is if you're into a laid-back bohemian style. Cotton patch quilting with a natural or floral design would complement a room decorated with natural elements such as wooden furniture, large indoor plants, and rattan wall art. Add texture to your bed with a quilt and finish the look with a number of decorative cushions in olive green, cream, and orange. This unique bedroom design can also help to ease symptoms of stress and anxiety and can create a comforting space designed to promote a good quality of sleep. Just keep anything related to work or technology away.

Qbedding Quilt close up


5: Celebrate National Quilting Day

Last but not least we come to the celebration of National Quilting Day on March 19 2022. What better reason to enhance your bedroom design and invest in a high-quality patterned quilt to mark this occasion! Quilting can actually be traced back as far as 3400 B.C and it was used as a practical technique to provide not only warmth while sleeping but also protection from the elements. So keep this age-old tradition alive and discover our online collection of high-quality 100% cotton quilt sets. Redesign your bedroom and improve sleep quality with layered bedding today!