This year’s Cherry Blossom Festival is predicted to start around March 22 - 25, transforming Washington with its blush pink blooms. Representing the sweetness of life and the principles of honesty and integrity, many families across the capital enjoy taking part in festival traditions as well as decorating their homes with floral items. Only made possible when Japan gifted over 3,000 cherry blossom trees to the United States in 1912, if you're hoping to celebrate Cherry Blossom Festival this year, we've got some unique ideas for you. From indulging in cherry blossom flavored desserts to investing in cherry blossom bedding, here are five ways to prepare your home for the arrival of spring and celebrate this wonderful time of year!


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1.  Adorn Your Home With Cherry Blossoms

One of the most popular ways to celebrate the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival is by adding floral touches around your home. This can be as simple as placing a vase of fresh cherry blossoms on your dining room table or getting creative and making a DIY wreath for your front door. If you want to go all out, you can even purchase some cherry blossom bedding or a cherry blossom duvet cover for your bedroom. In fact, we have a number of beautiful cherry blossom inspired bedding options to choose from! Replace thicker winter bedding with our Powder Pink Solid Color Fitted Sheet, or perhaps our Verena Floral Premium Cotton Bedspread set. Combine cherry blossom bedding with our gorgeous pink Melia floral curtains.

2.  Plan A Family Picnic Under The Trees

A popular family activity to celebrate Cherry Blossom Festival is to go on a family picnic and spend quality time together. Cherry blossoms are symbolic across Asia and portray the concept of mono no aware. This roughly translates as nothing lasts forever. With this in mind, it's important to take time to really appreciate the people in your life and to be present in this moment. So pack a picnic blanket, sandwiches, and some fresh juice and find a relaxing spot under a cherry blossom tree this year.

Cherry blossom design cupcakes

3:  Make Some Cherry Blossom Desserts

Since this time of year helps to remind us of the sweetness of life, it seems fitting to bake some cherry blossom-inspired goodies. So, throw on your apron, get the little ones together and bake a batch of cherry blossom topped cupcakes. Using fondant, you can have your kids mold pink and white fondant into miniature cherry blossoms as pretty cake toppers. Alternatively, bake a pink ombre cake to symbolize the different hues of pink blossom that will be as far as the eye can see during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

4: Capture The Blossom On Camera

Another way to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival is to head to your nearest Starbucks to pick up a cherry blossom-infused drink (depending on whether your local Starbucks offers them) and spend a couple of hours photographing the trees. You’ll likely find plenty of photographers joining in the fun across the city, and often they’ll also be open to sharing their top tips on how to get the best snaps, which makes this a great way to meet like-minded photography enthusiasts.


Water color Cherry Blossoms painting


5: Cherry Blossom Artwork

A therapeutic way to celebrate the arrival of spring is to paint cherry blossoms and decorate your home with pink floral artwork. Whether you enjoy getting crafty with the kids, or you’re a bit of an artist and enjoy oil painting, channel your creativity with strokes of pink, splashes of white, and hints of light brown. Take this seasonal activity to the next level (adults only) by combining it with a chilled glass of cherry-blossom wine. This drink is typically made from a red wine base, delicately blended with natural cherry flavors.