The similarity between Brushed Cotton and Flannel

Qbedding’s Brushed Cotton and flannel both share a soft and cozy texture because of the brushing process applied to the fabric. The brushing technique involves mechanically raising the fibers on the surface of the fabric, creating a fuzzy and soft texture. This process enhances the fabric's insulating properties and gives it a warmer, softer feel. 

Qbedding Brushed Cotton

The breathable nature of Brushed Cotton 

In addition, the brushing process enhances the breathability of brushed cotton by increasing its surface area, creating a looser weave, and promoting moisture wicking. These characteristics make brushed cotton a comfortable and breathable fabric choice for bedding. 

Qbedding Brushed Cotton

Why Brushed Cotton bedding is perfect for winter 

While flannel is traditionally made from wool, cotton flannel has become popular, and both brushed cotton and cotton flannel undergo a similar brushing process. As a result, brushed cotton bedding feels like flannel because they both have a raised and softened surface texture. This makes them ideal choices for colder weather, as the brushing process not only adds warmth but also provides a luxurious and comfortable feel against the skin.