With all this extra time spent at home, now’s the perfect time to make your bedroom extra cozy with brushed cotton. Brushed cotton bedding is like spending the day in your favorite pair of flannel pajamas. It’s extra comfortable, long-lasting and oh-so soft. Best of all, it’s warmer than regular cotton and is especially great for those frigid winter months and endless snow days. We’ll take a closer look at what makes brushed cotton a winter bedroom essential.  


What is Brushed Cotton? 

Brushed cotton is a fabric that undergoes a special finishing process to raise the surface fibers. A machine gently brushes the fabric’s top layer to remove lint and any excess fiber. This results in a finished fabric that has a distinct fluffy texture and is velvety soft against the skin. 

Brushed Cotton Benefits 

Brushed cotton bedding has quickly become a stay-at-home favorite due to its extra soft and cozy texture. The fluffy top layer of brushed cotton is able to naturally retain heat better than regular cotton, while remaining very breathable - making this the perfect fabric for those cozy winter nights.  

If you’re prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, you’ll be glad to know that bedding, like our Brushed Cotton Collection, is made with 100% cotton which is hypoallergenic and breathableThese two qualities work together to prevent the growth of irritating dust mites, mold, acne causing bacteria, and uncomfortable moisture build up. Brushed cotton is also a low maintenance material that is easy to care for and has lasting durability, so you can rest assured knowing your best bedding investment will last years to come.