Comforter VS Duvet Insert

You’ve probably heard the terms duvet insert and comforter floating around when searching for bedding to complete your Pinterest inspired room. You’re not alone if you thought to yourself “is there actually a difference?” Well we’re here to the clear the air on the subject. In short, YES, there are definitely key differences between the two.  


Most comforters are comprised of a top layer fabric, which is sewn together (often in a fashionable print or color) and is filled with alternative fibers to provide insulated warmth to your bed. The top layer of Qbedding comforters are crafted with natural cotton or eco-friendly lyocell fibers. Comforters are soft and can vary in thickness to suit the frigid winter or hot summer nights.  The key difference between comforters and duvet inserts is that comforters are washable, while most duvet inserts are not. The quilting or stitching of a comforter is specifically designed to ensure the fiber filling is securely in place and will not move around. They are also readily available in convenient bedding sets that can include coordinating sheets and pillow shams.  

Duvet Insert

A duvet insert is also a top layer bedding piece that spans over the entirety of the bed, it is often flatter and filled with cotton, silk, down, wool and other alternative fibers. A comforter is essentially one piece, while a duvet insert utilizes a protective outer layer, such as a duvet cover or top quilt. What’s great about a duvet insert is you can easily change up your bedroom design with various duvet covers or can be used alone. Also, because a duvet insert is typically used with a duvet cover, it does not need to be laundered as often, which can save you money and time in the long run.    

Materials & Price Point

Both comforters and duvet inserts are available in various materials and price points. Quality design, warmth level and the use of premium materials are all factors that will indicate different price points. At Qbedding, we have a wide range of comforters and duvet inserts to suit your specific sleep environment needs and budget.  

Best Option for You


A Cotton All Season Comforter is the best choice if you’re looking for a quality comforter that won’t break the bank. A cotton all season comforter is durable and available in a wide range of patterns and colors to best suit your bedroom’s individual style. It’s comprised of a 100% cotton fabric, with microfiber filling. It offers ideal warmth for year-round use. Cotton all season comforters can be used with quilts and throw blankets for added customized warmth.  


If you or a loved one suffers from chronic allergies, asthma, or has sensitive skin you’ll want to invest in a quality hypoallergenic material like silk. Our Combination All Season Silk Duvet Insert is filled with 100% tussah silk. Silk is great for controlling moisture level that leads to dust mites, mold and bacteria from forming on your bed. These irritants and allergens effect air quality and cause flare ups on skin which often disrupts your sleep. Silk is also comprised of proteins that are found in our skin, which helps promote elasticity and prevents wrinkles. Our silk duvet inserts provide great insulation for cold autumn and winter nights but is extremely breathable and is also ideal for warm summer evenings.  Although at a higher price point, our silk duvet inserts are made with the highest quality silk, improves overall quality of sleep and is expertly designed to last for 15 years or more making this a true investment in your health for years to come.


The environmentally sound choice, lyocell is 100% plant made and utilizes earth friendly production practices. It offers a silky and luxurious look that you can feel with every touch. Our lyocell comforters are designed so filling stays in place which results in a beautiful drape when placed on any bed. It is also loved for its moisture wicking benefits that prevent mites, bacteria and mold from growing for a healthy sleep environment. Lyocell provides a medium level of warmth making this option suitable for all four seasons. Our lyocell comforters are available in a diverse selection of stylish prints and colors to mix and match with your rooms current style.