The Quilts Make Home More Comfortable

Nothing says comfort like your home, and nothing makes you feel more at home than your favorite quilt. In a fast-paced world, we all crave peace and serene relaxation behind closed doors, and we’re here to help you achieve this with our luxury collection of cottage-core-inspired bedding.

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The History Of Quilts

The history of quilts spans hundreds of years and for very good reason. Whether a patchwork original or an up-to-date modern style such as our beautifully soft floral cotton sets, they really do make a difference to any home, both for warmth and aesthetics! But why are they just as popular a home décor choice today as they were so many years ago?

The benefits of a quilt in your home genuinely are endless. With so many quilt patterns available and on offer today, we really do have something to suit everyone. As a way of keeping cozy in bed or when relaxing in your home, a quilt offers a very efficient benefit- they have a high warmth-to-weight ratio. With the traditional 3 layers of thin but breathable fabrics- they are a great option for those that struggle with the idea of a weighted blanket (usually a very hot sleeper- we all know one) while offering many of the same benefits.

As our everyday lives become more visible to the outside world, it is also more important than ever to many of us for our homes to always be picture-perfect. A quilt is the ideal chic option when it comes to bedroom interiors, offering a quick and easy-to-maintain layered look to your sleeping area. This simplistic styling has caused a huge surge in popularity for quilts in more recent years, and we can really see why.

The traditions attached to quilts are also hugely important too. Take a cottage-core quilt- Not only has the technique been proudly maintained since the quilt pattern began many years ago but passing it down to future generations becomes not only a sentimental act but also easier if the designs, styles, and colors are timeless- vintage is most definitely back in!

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And don’t worry, even the smallest family members can benefit from these cozy options in their beds with our stunningly soft collection of nursery quilts. From soaring helicopters to forests, they will be drifting off to their gentle dreams in style.

Whether you are looking to make your bedroom a beautiful haven away from the world of reality or want the perfect pal to cozy up with on the sofa, head over to our collections and shop all things quilts to make your home even more homely. With quilt patterns chosen to accentuate your home décor with breathtaking colors and patterns, made with the finest materials to bring you the most premium comfort and making sure to match with your pillows to offer you our cotton quilt sets, it couldn’t be any easier to warm up this winter.