Father’s Day 2022 is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your dad, look no further! Here at Qbedding.com we have everything you need to make your dad feel comfortable and relaxed in bed. Whether he loves to curl up with a good book or take road trips in his camper van, we’ve got the perfect high-quality bedding for him!


Camper Bedding Van Life

Van Life / Camping Gift Ideas

More dads than ever are jumping on the 'van life' trend and making the most out of each and every weekend with the family. But while the idea of a road trip and living from within your own van might sound idyllic, the reality is vehicles aren't designed with comfort and sleep quality in mind. Although that's not to say you can't upgrade your soft furnishings to make the experience more enjoyable! So, on Father's Day 2022, if your dad has just moved into his own van, or has bought a campervan for a summer of family days out, we've got just the thing for him! Our selection of bedding is perfect for making any camper van feel like home. From plush pillows to get a good night's sleep while on the road, to summer mattress toppers to regulate your body temperature as you drift off to sleep, we’ve got everything your dad needs to make van life / Camping comfortable and enjoyable!


Dad in Bed with family

Cozy & Comfortable High-Quality Bedding

If your father is more of a stay-at-home and chill kind of man, over a van life fan here's what to get him! To make those early move night-in bed nights even more relaxing, treat him to our collection of high-quality bedding and pillows.  And to ensure his head is fully supported while watching a movie in bed, check out our range of memory foam pillows made with high-density memory foam that effortlessly bounces back and never goes flat. Your dad will no longer complain of a stiff neck in the morning, since the memory foam will allow his muscles to fully relax at night, relieving tension held within the neck, shoulders, and back.


Summer Mattress Topper for cool sleeping

Summer Time Relaxation

For those who live in a warmer climate, when the summer months can really make sleeping a challenge, take a look at our collection of summer mattress toppers and summer duvet inserts. Designed to keep your father cool and comfortable all night long, our summer bedding is perfect for those who struggle to sleep when the weather is hot. Made with lightweight and breathable materials, our summer bedding will help to regulate your father's body temperature as he sleeps, making sure he stays cool and comfortable all night long!

Father’s Day 2022 is almost here, so make sure to show your dad how much you care with the perfect gift from Qbedding.com! Our range of high-quality bedding is sure to make his Father’s Day one to remember, whether he'll be curling up in bed after a fabulous Father's Day or planning his first van life experience!