Quilts - The Comprehensive Of Cozy

Everyone has a different level and definition of cozy. From the oversized plush blanket lovers to those who find comfort in sheets as light as air. Quilts are the versatile happy medium to satisfy both. Read on to discover why quilt bedding belongs in every linen closet.  

Layer on Layers

When the seasons start to change, a challenge we often encounter is figuring out what bedding is best to use. It’s still too chilly to crank the AC on and it’s still too hot to take the fluffy comforter out from storage. The solution? Quilts. They are light weight and perfect for layering on your bed. Quilts provide just the right amount of coverage and warmth for summer nights. Those who tend to overheat and sweat will enjoy the breathable and airy quality of quilts.  However, when layered with your favorite comforter it creates the ultimate warm and cozy bed you can’t wait to dive into after a long winter day. 

Stand the Test of Time

Quilts were invented in the 17th century and are still very much loved today. Why? Modern quality quilts are unbelievably durable and low maintenance. At Qbedding, our quilts are made with 100% cotton and utilize an innovative weaving technique for the most secure sew that is guaranteed to last years to come.   

Boho Bedroom Staple

You’ve probably seen the boho bedroom design take over Pinterest and there are a few consistencies we’ve noticed. They are - green plants, white bright walls and textured beddings like quilts or linen. The signature stitching and texture of quilts surely add the cozy factor that is prominent in any boho bedroom motif.