As we enter a new year and continue to spend our time in the comfort of our homes, let’s look at the best duvets that can make the extra time spent at home, extra comfortable. The perfect duvet can truly transform the quality of your sleep for the better. Several factors such as breathability, temperature regulation, weight and duvet fill will affect the quality of your sleep space. If you haven’t found your dream duvet, then look no further. Whether you're a hot sleeper and prefer a lightweight and breathable option or need a warmer duvet to get you through those chilly winter nights, we have several options that will fit your personal preferences.  

Best Duvet for Spring/Summer  

The Solid White Light Silk Duvet Insert is our top pick for those who live in warmer climates and ideal for hot sleepers. It’s made with a 100% natural cotton fabric and lightweight 100% Tussah Silk fillTussah silk contains about 30% sericin, a type of protein with similar chemical composition to the protein found in skin. This helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce skin wrinkles by maintaining a healthy moisture balance. Since Tussah silk fill is naturally hypoallergenic and moisture controlling; this prevents the growth of mites, mold and odor causing bacteria that develop quicker inenvironments that are warm and dampAn added benefit for those who suffer from seasonal allergies and have sensitive skin. The breathability of the Solid White Light Silk Duvet Insert allows for ample air flow, this creates a cool and dry sleep environment. This duvet is designed with corner loops that can be securely tied with any duvet cover and a sewn-through construction for added durability and to ensure filling stays in place. With the right care, the Solid White Light Silk Duvet Insert can last up to 10-15 years while still performing its functions. 

Best Duvet for Fall/Winter 

As the sun sets sooner and the temperature begins to drop, you’ll want to have acquire a duvet that’s ready to keep you and your family cozy all winter long. The Extra Weight Australian Wool Winter Duvet Insert is filled with 100% Australian Wool, certified by WOOLMARK that the filling only contains pure and real Australian Wool. It has a warmth level of 6 and a filling weight of 500 GSM. Both of which are ideal for maintaining a warm sleep space during the chilly winter season. Australian wool is also able to keep a consistent temperature of 32.7 Celsius (90.86 Fahrenheit). This is the most comfortable body temperature that is conducive to sleep. Couples with different body temperatures will especially find the temperature regulating feature of this duvet beneficial as it maintains a consistent temperature. The Extra Weight Australian Wool Winter Duvet Insert keeps you warm and comfortable without the disruptive night sweats. It has excellent moisture control and can absorb up to 40% of its weight in liquid to quickly dissipate excess moisture to create a sleep environment that’s dry, clean and comfortable.  


Best All-Season Duvet 

The Luxe Mulberry Silk All Season Duvet Insert is our standout choice when it comes to all-season use. Designed with a smooth lyocell fiber-cotton fabric cover and filled with premium 100% mulberry silk. This innovative combination of pure mulberry silk fill and a lyocell fibercotton blend fabric makes for an ultra-breathable duvet that helps support a comfortable night of sleep all year long. Its thermal regulation quality ensures you’ll remain cool during the summer and warm during frigid winter months. This temperature regulating ability is due to its production process. Silk floss is woven to create a thin layer and repeatedly layered upon until it reaches the ideal thickness and weight for various temperature settings. This layering process also allows for more air to circulate, for better breathability and year-round comfort. The hypoallergenic mulberry silk maintains a healthy moisture balance while keeping a clean sleep environment by eliminating excess moisture and preventing the growth of mites, bacteria, and mold which easily lead to human allergies and discomfort. This premium all-season duvet is worth the investment as it's expertly designed for longevity. Mulberry silk is the most durable protein fiber and can last up to 15 years.  


Best Eco-Friendly Duvet  

As we continue to spend extra time at home, we find the need for creating a comfortable, relaxing space for slumber. However, finding a high-quality duvet that’s eco-friendly and priced fairly is far and few between. The Soybean Fiber Winter Duvet Insert is a great fit for those looking for a sustainable and luxuriously soft duvet that doesn’t break the bank. With a warmth level of 6 and filling weight of 550 GSM, the lofty texture of this duvet makes it better at insulating warmth, making this a fantastic fit for cold sleepers and those who live in chilly climates. While it is a great insulator, soybean fiber is also very breathable, allowing air to circulate throughout the duvet for a balanced and comfortable night of sleep. The Soybean Fiber Winter Duvet Insert is made with atouchable soft and durable cotton fabric. It’s filled with a blend of polyester and soybean fiber, an innovative and renewable botanic fiber made from soybean cake, the first of its kind used in fabric. The production process of soybean fiber ensures that little to no waste is created, as all soybean byproducts are utilized.