Experts are predicting record high temps for the summer season ahead, although this means fun beach days in the sun, it also means tossing and turning the night away. Not to mention the added issue of those unbearable night-sweats. Most hot sleepers already know to turn to breathable and moisture-wicking bedding made with materials like TENCEL™ Lyocell, however only a few are familiar with the secret that has been used for centuries for keeping a truly cool night of sleep, without spending a fortune on costly air conditioners. They’re called Summer Mattress Toppers and they instantly give your bed that much needed relief from the heat. The best summer mattress toppers can be made from a variety of natural materials, such as rattan and bamboo. Keep reading to learn more about each of the best cooling summer mattress toppers and how they differ in design.   

What is a Summer Mattress Topper? 

Summer mattress toppers are placed on the surface of your bed, over your bed sheets. It essentially acts as a barrier between you and your mattress, which tends to trap in body heat. Summer mattress toppers actually do the opposite by quickly dissipating excess heat and moisture away from the body for a cooler night's sleep. Although individual summer mattress toppers may differ in design and materials, they essentially fulfill the same purpose. That is, to keep each sleeper cool, comfortable, and sweat free. Make sure to check out our previous blog post to learn more about the benefits of a summer mattress topper 

Differences in Materials  

Summer mattress toppers have been used for centuries and were originally made from jade, golden silk, reed, or grass.  The modern summer mattress toppers we will be going over are made from natural materials like rattan, synthetic rattan, bingsi, and bamboo.  


Rattan is a type of naturally growing vine-like palm that is native to tropical regions of Australia, Asia, and Africa. It is most used for wicker furniture. Its lasting strength and ease of care have made it one of the most popular natural materials.  

Synthetic Rattan 

Modern summer mattresses toppers are commonly made with synthetic rattan. Synthetic rattan is not made of rattan, but wood-pulp fiber. Wood-pulp fiber is produced by separating the fibrous material in trees or plants. Compared to real rattan, synthetic rattan is much more affordable and easier to store.  


Bingsi is Chinese (冰絲) and directly translates in English to icy silk, which is a kind of viscose fiber. Bingsi is also made of wood-pulp fiber. Compared to synthetic rattan, Bingsi is thinner. This material is naturally cool to the touch, making it an ideal material for a summer mattress topper.  


Bamboo is considered one of the fastest growing perennial plants, with some species growing as much as 1 foot per day. It is also a sustainable and renewable resource that is being used more and more for various products. Bamboo is a good heat conductor with low heat capacity, meaning it takes heat away from your body and quickly dissipates it.  

Summer Mattress Topper Designs  

Our summer mattress topper designs essentially function to keep you cool as a cucumber all night long and share features such as rounded corners to prevent scratching and have four elastic strips on each corner of the reverse side to prevent the topper from slipping off the mattress. However, there are several features that define the unique functionality and design of each mattress topper.  

Ancient Rattan  

The Ancient Rattan Topper is made with cooling and breathable synthetic rattan (wood-pulp fiber). This design also features a traditional rattan pattern. The entire perimeter of this topper is covered with additional polyester for wide and secure edges to ensure it is durable and less likely to fall apart even after many uses. Starting at just $38.50, this topper is a great value and a good choice for those who are new to summer mattress toppers.

Cool Wave Rattan Topper Set  

The Cool Wave Rattan Topper Set has everything you need to keep you cool from head to toe. This topper set comes with a mattress topper and 1 pillow sham for a twin size and 2 pillow shams for full, queen, and king. This is a softer mattress topper that consists of three layers. The refreshing silver appearance of the top surface layer is woven together with synthetic rattan (wood-pulp fiber) and linen. This creates a smooth, breathable, and cool topper surface. The middle layer is made with a polyester fabric and specially designed to help absorb sweat and excess moisture we naturally lose during sleep. The bottom layer features a hollow honeycomb mesh which greatly helps with ventilation. This also consists of a thin sponge layer that helps enhance the overall comfort of the topper.  

Plaid BingSi Rattan Topper Set 

Similar to our Cool Wave Rattan Topper Set, the Plaid Bingsi Ratten Mattress Topper Set is a softer mattress topper, consists of the same three layers and comes with 1-2 pillow shams depending on size. However, the surface layer of this mattress topper is made with Bingsi and synthetic rattan (wood-pulp fiber). The shiny surface and extra cooling texture of Bingsi makes this mattress topper set a must-have for hot sleepers and those who share a bed with someone with a hotter than average body temperature. The wide and secure edge of this mattress topper features an oriental pattern that adds a traditional vibe.  This easy to fold design is a signature staple at Qbedding and is sought after every summer from all across the United States.  

Carbonized Bamboo  

The Bamboo Mahjong Topper is the most cooling design we carry. The bamboo chips used are carbonized for increased durability and stiffness. The chips are also smooth and cooling just like tiles. The spaces between the chips allows for increased air circulation, which is essential for a sweat-free night of sleep. We recommend this summer mattress topper to back sleepers because the added firmness from bamboo ensures body pressure is evenly spread on the body and does not rely on muscles, so you wake up feeling your best every morning.  

Overall, summer mattress toppers are an eco-friendly, affordable, and effective way to keep you feeling cool and comfortable all summer longStill not sure which summer mattress topper is best for you? Our team of bedding experts are always here to help! Contact us today.